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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Japanese Compilations

Fall is here and we've been busy! We have a tune on Casiotone Compilation #3, which is released today in Japan via ao to ao. Each artist was asked to create a one-minute piece of music featuring a Casiotone keyboard. Tokyo blog Ashbee's Fragments has the details.

Over the summer Leaf Bird contributed songs to two benefit compilations for Japan. Our song Dewey Raindrops is on 31 Songs for Japan from Flau and can be streamed and purchased from their Bandcamp page. Participating artist photos and links can be found here.

& Records compilation Anything For Progress included our song "Flyin' With The Birds," along with songs from fellow Chicago bands, Pulseprogramming, L'altra and Joan of Arc. Because the release was limited to 3 months, we're giving our track away here. Click the arrow in the right-hand menu of the player to download "Flyin' With The Birds."
flyin' with the birds

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